Smokefree Hackney Message of the Week!

If you did not receive this week’s Message of the Week sent to all our stop smoking advisors, please email us at! These messages provide guidance on frequently asked questions, common problems, and information on upcoming events, and campaigns.

This week’s message is about Stoptober preparations!

From this Thursday (September 19th) you can start displaying Stoptober materials!

As you know Stoptober is the national campaign challenging smokers to quit smoking throughout October. Smokers have a much better chance of being successful if they prepare for their quit attempt.  This is why we need to tell smokers about the campaign before the 1st of October! When the 19th comes, make sure to place all the PHE Stoptober leaflets, booklets & posters around your clinics and pharmacies. The best way to tell smokers about Stoptober is to also include some of our promotional materials alongside! This way they know about the campaign, and where to get some help to make the most out of it. If someone asks about Stoptober, give them both materials, and if you put up any Stoptober posters, consider placing one of our purple posters alongside it.

If you want to order pamphlets, posters, business cards, or clinic supplies, visit, it takes less than 5 minutes to order!

Best of luck to everyone, and prepare for a busy Stoptober.

If you have any questions or issues with this, please call 020 3074 2282 or email   

Quit Manager Guidance:

Quit Manager is our online Data Management System. All of our partners use different areas of the site, and we have created bespoke guides for every different user. Click on the links below to see the guide most appropriate for you:

For Pharmacies delivering Stop Smoking Sessions as well as dispensing NRT & Varenicline:

For Pharmacies that dispense NRT & Varenicline and process LoR’s:

For GP Confederation and Whittington Health Stop Smoking Advisors and triage:

NRT and Varenicline Quantity Guidance

Everything you need to know about prescribing NRT and Varenicline, detailed guide on quantity, dosages and how to select the appropriate amounts on Quit Manager.

E-Cigarette factsheet

As an E-Cigarette friendly service, we would like every advisor to be equipped with the knowledge about e-cigarettes our clients need to make an informed decision. The following factsheet can be a useful tool when speaking to clients who are using or want to use an e-cigarette as part of their quit attempt. It also includes a myth busting page with the most common misconceptions surrounding e-cigarettes.

Client Satisfaction Questionnaires

If your client is nearing the end of the programme, make sure you have a satisfaction questionnaire in hand for them to fill, or that they are able to answer an online version of it. The link for the online form is You can send this link to clients with a smartphone through Quit Manager, look for our SMS template with the link. If our clients are happy with the service, we want to know!


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