Smokefree Hackney Message of the Week!

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This week’s message is about recording occupation!

 It is really important that you ask all of your clients about their occupation on the first session and record it on Quit Manager. A lot of the times, the triage staff will have already created the client for you, and some data will be missing. Please go through Client details and Episode Details to make sure all the information is there.

 As you probably know, clients in routine & manual occupation are one of our key priority groups. Smoking rates are high and quit rates are lower among this class, and it is really important that we can reach them and help them quit smoking.

 Percentage of occupation recorded is also one of the criteria pharmacies have to meet to go up an incentive tier.

 If your client has an occupation you don’t know how to classify, you can click on the blue “i” button next to the occupation field.

 If you have any questions about recording occupation on QM, please let us know!

Quit Manager Guidance:

Quit Manager is our online Data Management System. All of our partners use different areas of the site, and we have created bespoke guides for every different user. Click on the links below to see the guide most appropriate for you:

For Pharmacies delivering Stop Smoking Sessions as well as dispensing NRT & Varenicline:

For Pharmacies that dispense NRT & Varenicline and process LoR’s:

For GP Confederation and Whittington Health Stop Smoking Advisors and triage:


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