Level 1: Very Brief Advice

Level 1 or ‘Very Brief Advice’ is a 2-hour training that equips healthcare professionals with basic skills / knowledge to offer smokers brief advice and then signpost to Hackney’s Stop Smoking Service. 

Includes information on the health risks of smoking, background information to answer questions smokers may ask, information on smoking in Hackney and it's effect on our various communities. There is also information on the benefits of quitting and, most importantly, how to refer smokers to local services to help them stop.

Offering brief advice to stop smoking is the single most cost-effective and clinically proven preventative action a healthcare professional can take. (See ref. 1)

Level 2: Stop Smoking Advisor

Level 2 is applicable for professionals who want to become a specialist Stop Smoking Advisor. On completion, an Advisor will be qualified to deliver intensive 1-to-1 support to smokers motivated to quit for 6-12 weekly sessions.

The training will cover all aspects of providing the stop smoking service in Hackney, including information on the health risks of smoking, information on national and local smoking prevalence and trends. Overview the 12 week quit programme, appropriate medications and how to help clients choose what is best for them to help them quit. In depth information on tobacco and it's related health risks, other local smoking behaviours, e.g. Shisha, cannabis, Illegal & counterfeit tobacco. The training also includes guidance on e-cigarettes, and how these could help clients to quit. 

The Level 2 Training will provide you with the skills and knowledge to be able to help people to quit smoking and improve their health, whilst providing empathetic, supportive, non-judgemental behaviour change interventions. 

Please note training delegates will be required to register and complete the NCSCT (National Centre for Smoking Cessation Training) online training assessment and send certificate no later than 1 week from training date. 

Level 2: Refresher

Level 2 Refresher is an update for staff who have previously received smoking cessation training within Hackney or another borough and need to update their skills. All Level 2 Advisors are required to attend an annual training to keep their skills and knowledge up to date. Refresher training is also an opportunity to problem solve any issues affecting the delivery of Stop Smoking Sessions and to network with colleagues across the whole Stop Smoking Service. 

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1. Anczak J, Nogler R. Tobacco cessation in primary care (2000), NICE 2015, NCSCT 2017

Once you stop smoking, some of the benefits are immediate and some are longer-term. 

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